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Raven For Mac OS ,Review,Features And Download

Apple the name which is now a days popular with newly released application called Siri which is inbuilt part of iPhone 4S which is already breaking axle of all other smartphone which are standing in front,And also giving great competition to upcoming Android phone Samsung galaxy Nexus which is not released yet.But this are is not about iPhone 4S Review and all this article is about Raven For Mac, the smart browser for Mac OS .We also know that iOS 5 is Available For Free Download with Ultimate Features,which shows that Apple is in full mood to show his dominancy over their competitors .

Lets we cut this chat here and have some look about Raven For Mac, the smart browser for Mac OS!!!

What is Raven For Mac?

Raven provides full access to your social networking services in a single and unified way. It uses a technique called ‘site specific browsing’ to create a dedicated browser instance for each web app in the Smart Bar.

Features Of Raven For Mac

1.The Smart Bars

Raven leverages a technique called sitespecific browsing to create a dedicated webbrowsing instance for each one of yourfavorite web apps.

2.Browse Your History

Raven's history browser provides a clean,easy to read list of the pages you've visitedwith a preview pane.

3.Bookmark to Instapaper

When you found something you want to read later simply bookmark it If you have an Inst&paper account Raven automatic sends the link for you

4.Read your Bookmarks

Simply visit your Bookmarks list and click the "T" icon to read the articles you've collected in just text only mode.

5.Need A Suggestion

This feature searches your favorites and your history to provide links to sites you have previously visited. It uses either a keyword search or the first few characters that you type.

6.Menu Item

Raven Beta debut with handful of default main menu ,Menu items are like toolbar button found in most browsers

So after reading feature of this cool web browser you are wondering to get this for your MacOS..yea i know that ,As the Browser is still in beta but its available for download.You can download Raven For Mac easliy with providing link.....So enjoy your new web browser and don't forget to share your experience with Technocage.
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